Delicacies from the Chef with himself

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Delicacies from the Chef with himself

We love our Guests, so we decided to take care of providing you with all kinds of deliciousness for the winter period. When you sometimes want to open a jar (bottle) of something aromatic and very useful

What have we prepared for you?

1. The most delicious crispy pickles. This is a product for all time. It is both a great snack and a great crunchy addition to any meal. There are also crazy salty tomatoes
2. To make your life a little "peppery" - we prepared homemade Kupava adjika from the Chef.
3. The tastiest and most useful jams are waiting for you, prepared according to a technology that preserves the beneficial qualities of berries as much as possible:
  • "Blackberries with melon"
  • "Blueberry with elderberry"
  • "Strawberries with basil"
  • "Raspberries with rosemary"
  • "Cursants with passion fruit"
  • "Apricot with almonds"
4. This season, a unique "Kupava herbal collection" awaits you.
The aroma of healing herbs is associated with the half-forgotten world of childhood and family traditions.
This is a tasty and healthy drink made from a mixture of unique herbs. It soothes, heals and invigorates!
5. To make your winter not only tasty, useful, but also not boring, we offer a line of stunning brand tinctures:
  • horseradish;
  • pepper;
  • cherry on bourbon;
  • sea buckthorn with honey;
  • currants in cognac;
  • limoncello

"Kupava" loves and pampers you


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