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FEBRUARY 14, 2021

Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is an annual holiday that falls on February 14.

All over the world there are special traditional rituals on this day.
In France, it is jewelry, in Japan - confectionery products of a certain company, in Denmark - dried flowers...
This holiday has gained popularity in Ukraine as well, and there is also a tradition of giving something to loved ones on this day.
These are flowers, sweets, and decorations. But the most important gift in the life of lovers is attention and love!

"KUPAVA" celebrates this amazing holiday every year.
Many lovers on this day make an offer of their hands and hearts to their loved one
By the way, weddings are also played in "Kupava" and for us it is very pleasant and symbolic!

We invite you to "Kupava" on February 14 for a festive and romantic evening "Love and pigeons"!
In the program: a show with pigeons, a photo with them, a passionate presenter and many valuable prizes.
And always remember that love will save the world!
With love - Your "Kupava".

Information and reservations by phone: 050-302-10-10



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