March 5 :: Shrove Tuesday in Kupava

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March 5, 2022 :: Shrove Tuesday in Kupava

Every year in "Kupava" we celebrate Shrovetide! It's always very fun, soulful and delicious.
A pancake is considered a symbol of this holiday, because it is yellow, round and hot, like the Sun
Previously, people believed that eating a pancake, they eat part of the heat and power of the Sun!

That is why, on this holiday:
• you will be entertained by life-size dolls and a passionate host
• you will be treated to incredibly tasty pancakes and horseradish by the Chef
• fun contests await you
• street fair
• burning the winter scarecrow

Our address: Yards, str. Sumy Shlyach, 4. (5 km from Kholodna Gora)
Reservation of tables by phone: (050) 302-10-10
Booking is now open!


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